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Visitors to Cat Tien National Park can chose their own adventures in the most beautiful spots in The National Park & around Nam Cat Tien. Here’s our selection for the most exciting and unusual activities such as exploring a bat cave, overnight at Crocodile Lake, Night Safari.

  1. Mountain Biking
  2. Kayaking, canoeing & river boating.
  3. Bird Watching
  4. Nature Photography
  5. Jungle Trekking
  6. Eat wild honey & swim in jungle stream or a natural waterfall
  7. Overnight at Bau Sau (Crocodile Lake)
  8. Exploring a Bat Cave
  9. Night Safari
  10. Visit Ta Lai ethnic village & kayak at Ta Lai Lake
  11. Chilling out at the swimming pool & riverfront at Orchard Home Resort


1.Mountain Biking


Nam Cat Tien has a lot of mountain biking routes in the hillsides. It’s a great option in early morning days to explore some sightseeing stops such as: fruit orchards, Đạ Huoai river,… Beside that, exploring the network of forest trails and rugged passes by mountain bike is also an unforgettable experience.


mountain bike, nam cat tien


2. Kayaking, canoeing & river boating.


Kayaking, canoeing & river boating in Da Huoai River in early morning or late afternoon is such a great experience. Let’s enjoy cruising down the river, observing the many birdlife activities or glimpsing some wildlife along the riverbanks.


kayaking, canoeing & river boating, nam cat tien


nam cat tien


   3. Bird Watching


Birdwatchers in Cat Tien National Park are so lucky because there are so many kinds of wild birds to see. Most of them are charismatic and colourful.  



   4. Nature Photography


For those who have a strong interest in wildlife or nature photography, Cat Tien National Park is a must-visit. This is a good chance for you to take some images at some places that completely takes your breath away such as Crocodile Lake, Ben Troi Waterfall,…


cat tien national park, nam cat tien


   5. Jungle Trekking


The greatest way to get close to real beauty of Cat Tien’s nature is by trekking.  Let’s discover forest trails and gain the opportunity of a lifetime to marvel at rare flora such as Giant Tung Tree, Ficus Benjamina Tree,… For more adventurous, you can trek 14 km the whole journey to Crocodile Lake. Not only some rare flora but you might encounter gibbons, butterflies, wild birds and insects.   


jungle trekking, nam cat tien


6. Eat wild honey & swim in jungle stream or a natural waterfall


Embracing the creativity of eco architecture, Cat Tien National Park also brings a whole new experience of swimming in a calm jungle stream or a breathtakingly natural waterfall. After having a short or long trekk, the spectacular feeling of fresh falling mist on the face and a gaze at the pure majesty of the natural world are your rewards. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy wild honey which is a very unique dish in Cat Tien Jungle. Certainly these honeys are very different from what you got from supermarket.


7.Overnight at Bau Sau (Crocodile Lake)


A full day or an overnight trip at Crocodile Lake is extremely magnificent. It is a natural freshwater area between Nam Cat Tien forest with an area of surface water about 2,500 ha, home of more over 60 species of freshwater crocodiles. These crowded and endangered crocodiles living in this marvelous setting will make your jungle tour excited than ever


Crocodile Lake, nam cat tien


8.Exploring a Bat Cave


The Bat Cave is located in an active volcanic zone of Cat Tien National Park and its surrounding.  This volcanic zone has formed fertile soil, hot and cold natural springs, lava rock terrain and cave systems. Exploring a Bat Cave is an interesting activity.   The caves are home to several bat species. Listen carefully and you can head the high echo locating squeaks of the inhabitants. It’s recommended to hire a guide, as the trail leading to the cave entrance is not marked and can be easily missed.


The Bat Cave, nam cat tien


9.Night Safari


Night Safari is the most popular tourism activity in Cat Tien National Park. This is one of the only two national parks in Vietnam which operates Night Safari. Dusk till Dawn is the actual active period for a great number of wildlife. At night, the jungle literally comes alive in the dark and the probability of seeing animals is much higher.   This is when animals appear to hauting for foods and drink water. you can encounter deers, amphibians, mammals, reptiles and insect species.


Night Safari, nam cat tien, cat tien national park


10. Visit Ta Lai ethnic village & kayak at Ta Lai Lake


Ta Lai Ethnic village is a famous cultural site in Cat Tien. This is inhabitant of the ethnic minority groups of Ma & Stieng tribes. You can visit Ta Lai Long House to see some old pictures and house wares of these ethnic groups and buy them as souvenirs. In addition, you can rent a kayak and head to downstream of Da Huoai River.


Ta Lai Ethnic village, nam cat tien


11. Chilling out at the swimming pool & riverfront at Orchard Home Resort


Orchard Home Resort is a new-opening eco resort nearby Cat Tien National Park. This resort is a favorite get-away spot for you.


Orchard Home Resort, nam cat tien


Orchard Home Resort, nam cat tien


Based in the natural green beauty of Da Huoai River and Cat Tien National Park, this peaceful oasis offers the most amazing relaxation and most exhilarating activities in the town. The property covers a vast area of 15 hectares  with an extensive restaurant area and a swimming pool.


Chilling out at the swimming pool with stunning panoramic views of river, mountain and forest make Orchard Home Resort a perfect place to sit back and enjoy cocktails or beers during your trip.




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