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Bau Sau ( Crocodile Lake)

Located about 14 kilometers from south of the center of Nam Cat Tien National Park and about 40 kilometers from Orchard Home, Bau Sau is a natural freshwater area between Nam Cat Tien forest with an area of surface water about 2,500 ha. This is home of more over 60 species of freshwater crocodiles. In addition, Bau Sau is also home of many other species such as fish, birds, storks, cauliflowers, birds, bison, wild boar … and many other rare animals.

Before deciding to spend time visiting Bau Sau, you should note that this is not a leisure trip at all. For the last 5 kilometers of your journey to the wilderness, you are forced to walk across slippery roads with leaves, weeds scattering in the ground and other insect species such as mosquitoes, squirrels,..

Visitors will have many different emotional states. Embracing the poetic beauty of Bau Sau’s horizon and then overwhelmed with extremely crowded population of crocodiles living in here.

Crocodiles in Nam Cat Tien seem to be so familiar with the presence of tourists from all over the place. They comfortably swim on the ramsar, squeeze under the grass and water hyacinth. During a visit, if you catch a sight that a crocodile is hovering over the bar, do not worry too much, he must have just glided over to send greetings to the person who are visiting his home.

If you have a chance to visit Nam Cát Tiên forest, do you don’t forget to take some pictures at Bau Sau!


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