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Traditional Handicaraft Villages in Dong Nai

Pottery in Phong Son

This pottery nestles near the poetic Dong Nai river’s bank, in Tan Van District, Bien Hoa city. This traditional pottery in Dong Nai, popular for vase, jar,.. which are made of black sandy clay.

There are some excited activities at Pottery in Phong Son for visitors such as expience the process of making a pottery with locals.

Pottery jars village in Tan Van

Jars pottery profession comes from the Chinese potters in Bien Hoa established. The latter half of the nineteenth century (1875), many household pottery in Tan Van began to form. Raw materials are mainly red sandy clay, barked at high temperatures to produce jars thick, firm and hard.

Terracotta Village in Buu Long

The name of the village used to call this terracotta pottery is Lo Noi Village, belong to Buu Long ward. Job neighborrhood formed by a number of households come from Duc Pho District (Quang Ngai) to establish the business around the years 1940 – 1945. Terracotta pottery materials and firing pottery fuel. Lo Noi neighbors product are mainly house holf items like: furnaces, steam boilers, saucepan (clay pot) fish, orchid pot, tray coated with bread, fold-testing pot, khoot cakemold,…

Brocade weaving village in Ta Lai

This is the craft villages of Ma ethnic in Ta Lai commune, Tan Phu district. The traditional brocade products of the Ma iss blankets, skirts, loincloths, sling wrapped around head,… has a variety of decorative patterns. The textures are often found on Ma brocade such as: candle, the butterfly, the people pounding rice, mortar, the eyes.

There are many meaning symbols vignette on brocade of the Ma related to Ma community thinking about liffe, world anf the belief summarized, through many life. Many patterns arre passed down through the generations by stories, poems,… relared to the origins and customs of ethnic Ma experience.

Binh Minh Carft Villages Trang Bom District

Binh Minh handicraft village, Trang Bom district, Dong Nai Province has been formed for more than40 years and is well known for recycling wood chips to create unique wood patterns. There are a wide variety of fine art wood products ranging from pedicabs, cars, tanks, Boeing, aircraft, helicopters, boats, warships to weapons models, decorative items.

Thanh Nhan handicraft is one of the famous brands of Trang Bom distric in particular and Dong Nai peovince in general. Thanh Nhan Facility is specialized in supplying fine art wood products make from high quality natural wood such as rose-wood, narra padauk, red-wood and others. At present, Thanh Nhan has more than 500 fine arts items with various wood materials for decoration items from the popular to the high class and are exported to many countries in the world.


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