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Ba Chong Stone, Dinh Quan

Located on Highway 20, Dong Quan Town, Dong Nai Province, 110 km from Ho Chi Minh City and 44 km from Orchard Home. It take about an hour to drive from the resort to this place.

There are three clusters of rock, including Ba Chong Stone, Da Voi mountain, Diam Stone.

Ba Chong stone is the folk name of the three stones overlap each orther, higher than 36 meters above the road surface. Even local people have no idea about longevity of this stone and how could it be stacked so cluttered  without spilling even if the weather in southeastern Vietnam has a lot of intensive stormy wind.

Traveling to the northwest of the Ba Chong rocky, visitors will see the Diam island. This unique and strange name is based on the characteristics of their shape. The fork is irregular in shape, lying on a much smaller rock with 43 meters higher than the road surface.

There is also Stone Mountain also called Bach Tuong Mountain (White Statue Mountain). It looks like two elephants prostrating each other. On the top of Bach Tuong Mountain, there are statue of Shakyas which was built and located in the early 1970. At the bottom of the statue is Bach Ho Cave (White Tiger Cave). Associated with the folktale about the couple of white tiger. They lived in the cave under Bach Tuong Moutain,  listen to the sutras. People thought they were the cobra and named the cave as White Tiger Cave.

Ba Chong Stone Dinh Quan is an ideal place when you visit Nam Cat Tien.


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