Orchard Home Resort

Tour 2D1N for Family

Join the trip to experience interesting activities in the forest, relax at the resort with great comfort and enjoy.

  1. 🌈Experience a fully-equipped resort, especially close to nature: morning listening to birdsong; enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden; Clear river shower behind the resort.
  2. 🌈Explore diverse vegetation with strange fungi, forest flowers, big plants, precious medicinal plants …
  3. 🌈Learn about the life of wild animals, included in the Vietnam Red Book such as one-horn rhino, long-legged toad, python eyes … In particular, bear rescue station will be an extremely favorite destination for kids
  4. 🌈Observe the butterfly “paradise” flying after the rain with about 450 kinds of blooming butterflies.
  5. 🌈 Experience watching the night animals: Deer eating grass, weasels eating ripe fruits, hedgehogs slowly crawling on the road while wild rabbits sprint …

Suggested schedule:

Day 1:

  • 6h30: Pick up and depart from Ho Chi Minh City
  • 7h00: Breakfast
  • 8h00: Departure to Nam Cat Tien
  • 11h00 : Check in at Orchard Home Nam Cát Tiên.
  • 12h00: Lunch at Orchard Home Nam Cát Tiên.
  • 12h30-14h00: Relax
  • 14h00-17h30: Activities to connect families on the Resort’s premises: The whole family goes for a walk, picking fruits, taking pictures then going to the river to bathe the river, Have fun and organize a small picnic by the river with snacks and fruits
  • 17h00-18h00: Dinner, campfire
  • 18h00: Parents talking to each orther and relax, leader will lead the kid explore the world of insects in the garden with flashlight
  • 18h30: Go to Cat Tien National Park to join the nightsafari tour
  • 21h30: back to resort

Day 2:

  • 6h00-6h30: Breakfast
  • 6h30-7h00: Children express their opinions, views about the world of insects and animals in the night
  • 7h30: Move to Cat Tien National Park to visit the forest with the walking route: tree tossing, the mausoleum of 6 tops, copper tree knocking, rapier wharf, bear rescue center. On the way to admire the colorful butterflies to discover the flora and fauna in the forest
  • 11h30: Back to Orchard lunch
  • 12h00: Check-out
  • 13h00: Get back to Saigon, on the way back, visit the Trong Duc Cocoa garden to visit and learn about cocoa tree, cocoa processing.

Hope all families have a pleasant trip.

The above is a suggested destination and schedule for you, you can arrange a schedule depending on the time, age and health of your family for the best trip.

Resort offers accommodation, Forest tours are required by each family.

Tour 2D1N for Family
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  • “Loved this place.

    More so I love fishing at here. Orchard Home Resort is one of the best locations I have been to all over Vietnam.

    Nice and clean rooms with a very professional customer service.

    This will be my new monthly get away” – Ashley Paul

    5 (100%) 1 vote

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